Five Advantages of Using a Glass Bong

If you smoke cannabis, you know that your smoking experience vastly relies on what device you use. Glass bongs are an excellent way to smoke and offer several benefits over other methods, like joints and bowls. Nowadays, bongs have several awesome features that can enhance your smoking experience. In this article, we’ll discuss five of the advantages that bongs have over other smoking tools. 

1. Water Filtration

When you use a bong, water cools down the smoke and makes it softer on your lungs. This makes your hits much smoother and easier to take. It also safeguards your throat from becoming irritated and feeling scorched. 

The water also helps filter out tar and other nasty chemicals, so they don’t reach your lungs. It also protects you from that nasty chunk of ash that can make its way through pipes. By filtering out all these carcinogens, bong users can experience a much healthier smoke session. 

2. You Can Control the Size of Your Hit

Let’s be honest, bongs allow you to take massive rips. Due to their size, they can hold much more smoke than smaller pieces. This allows you to achieve a better high than joints and other smoking devices can.

However, you don’t have to be intimidated or take a big hit if you don’t want to. Due to their design, bongs make it much easier to achieve the perfect hit. Bongs also allow you to stack hits so that you can further control how much smoke you inhale. 

3. Better Tasting Hits

When you use a bong, the hits are less harsh and taste better. Since the water cools down the combustion process, you’re left with much smoother smoke. It’s much easier to enjoy the taste of your weed when it’s not roasting your throat as it goes down. 

You can also add different flavors, teas, and juices to your bong water. This can make your hits more aromatic and tastier. If you decide to not use water, always make sure to clean your bong right away so bacteria and mold don’t grow inside of it. Also, always make sure that any added liquids are not hot so your bong does not shatter. 

4. Bongs Can Last a Lifetime

Most bongs are well made pieces of art that are built to last. They are built with structural integrity and can be used repeatedly. Joints and blunt wraps disappear and must be bought regularly. Bowls can have thin glass than shatters easily when barely nicked. 

Since bongs can be used over and over again, this makes them a great option for those looking to reduce their collection and environmental impact.

5. Bongs are Quick and Easy

Instead of having to deal with the hassle of rolling a joint or a blunt, you can easily pack a bong and smoke it. This makes it a much easier option for some users, especially if they are in a hurry or trying to leave. The mouthpiece can easily be removed and cleaned too, making it a seamless process. 


As you can see, bongs offer a variety of benefits. If you haven’t used a bong before, you should give it a try!

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