Cleaning a Bong 101

Since the legalization of cannabis in a wide array of states in the US for medical and recreational uses, consumers and cannabis enthusiasts, and visionaries in the cannabis industry have always been looking to invent or create the most suitable and stress-free medium to consume cannabis. As such, one invention taking cannabis consumption to another level comes in the form of bongs.


Identified by many names, the bong, water pipe, moof, billy, or bing is a smoking device designed to aid in the filtration of tobacco or other herbal substances to ease the smoking process. Amongst other things, the bongs come in different shapes and or sizes. All in a bid to better satisfy a multitude of users with unique and specific needs. Understanding how to keep the bong clean is vital, considering basic hygiene is the panacea for healthy living.

Cleaning a Bong

All cannabis accessories need regular cleaning and maintenance for health benefits. With that in mind, enclosed below are some tips on cleaning a bong.

Why Should A Bong Be Clean

Keeping a bong clean goes a long way to protect the bong user(s) against bacteria and potential mold that could grow in the bong. As such, cleaning, treating, and maintaining the bong goes a long way to reduce the chances of contracting or developing respiratory infections. Usually, a dirty or on-kept bong alters the taste and flavor of the cannabis and any other substance put in the bong.

How Often Should Bong Be Cleaned

There is no specific duration to clean bongs, but if using it often, keeping it clean at least once every couple of days will do just fine. If not often used, then clean it immediately after use.

Requisites for Cleaning A Bong

Some ideal materials required to clean a bong effectively include alcohol, abrasive materials, baking soda, vinegar, wipes, and brushes.

Five Steps Cleaning Bong with Alcohol

  • Dismantle all moving pieces and put them deep down a bucket
  • Add some rubbing alcohol and salt to the base
  • Use a soft cloth to wipe the pieces
  • Rinse base and pieces under hot running water until you can no longer smell alcohol.
  • To clean individual pieces, place them in a container and repeat 1 and 2 above. Use cotton to ease the removal/cleaning of grime in tight spaces within the bong.

The Five-Step Salt Cleaning Method

Taking to mind the tips above, the Five-Step Salt Cleaning Method for cleaning a bong includes

  • Pouring three teaspoons of salt (coarser salt is preferable) into the bong via the mouthpiece
  • Fill the bong with warm water
  • Shake for a few minutes
  • Pour the dirt down
  • Rinse with warm water and salt until clean thoroughly. 

Cleaning a Bong with Vinegar

Although cleaning a bong requires certain chemicals, here is how to do so with vinegar 

  • Fill the bong with warm water, cover the mouthpiece and shaft, then shake properly.
  • Pour baking soda into the mouthpiece
  • Allow the bong for several hours
  • Add several spoons of baking soda followed by a cup of vinegar. Cover all holes and give it another shake
  • Scrub the inside with a long brush
  • Rinse continuously with warm water until all the dirt is removed and the baking soda, vinegar scent vanishes.

Maintenance of Bong

For those seeking an ideal way to maintain their bongs, this ideal is a must to navigate you through this process

  • Use lemon juice or vinegar to handle stains. Leave it at the bottom to settle for a few minutes
  • Keep your bong empty when not in use
  • Put lemon juice as you use your bong

Final note

It is necessary to clean your bong not only for health reasons but also for the comfort of use. There is no one particular cleaning technique, but your ability to make it a duty to keep your bong clean after use should be a priority.

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